Raymond & Teddy´s Current Favourite Links On The Net !!!


I´m Raymond.....YOUR Personal Little

" Internet Tour-Guide" !!!


A little SURPRISE site !



If you want REALLY COOL links

visit my

Mom´s site !



For lots of stylish & neat Fashion-links, please visit Raymonds Closet on Raymond 6 !!!



Debbie´s Bows ! Really neat & really cool bows !!!

Newgrounds - Silly & fun stuff !

Paula´s Pet Photography- Visit Paula & her cute Yorkies !


This is where I always am in the car.......in the drivers seat !






Fluffy Butts Rescue Resort - A very cute site !!!

Doggone Fashion - VERY cool outfits & VERY neat stuff !!!

Modern Dogg - A very neat swedish doggie Boutique !

Pets with disabilities - A great site !


You haven´t missed ALL the other LINKS on my other SIDES, have you !?!




Hot dog holiday´s - This is a cool site !

Crown Royal Yorkshire Terriers - VERY beautiful bows & stuff !!!


I´m Raymond, The King of The Forest !


Cool Dog Site of the Day

www.coverpower.com - Our dads rock & coverband !

Trace of Lords - Our dad´s mega-cool rockband !!!


Don´t forget to add www.raymonddog.com to your favourites !


www.i love dogs.com - My vote site !

 Buddy blankets ! Visit Cindy´s neat site !

  Dog Blog TV - VERY CUTE Yorkie Videos !!!


Can you see ME !?!



The 6-pack plus gang !


The 6-PACK Plus´s Page - This is a site you should NOT miss !


Vovve Gallery - You can find ME little Yorkie Raymond there, and maby send me, as a postcard !?!



  SHOCKWAVE.COM - Silly & fun stuff !


Buck and Precious - A cute site !


I´m an EXCELLENT driver !

Doggie Door - Lots of stuff to check out !


HOWARD STERN SITE - Howard rocks !!!



It´s dangerous I know, but I MUST see EVERYTHING !


The pets corner - Another great site !



Dad, can you drive "a little" faster !?!


Cosettes closet - Here you can find some cool yorkie clothing !

Madblast - Silly stuff !


Thank you ! Drive through !!!


Funny pet pictures - Wanna laugh ???

00 FUN.COM - Lots of fun stuff !

Pets - The complete guide to choosing and caring for your pet.       

       Pet names, pet care, pet information, help choosing a pet and more.

Dogs365.com - Everything that you want to know about dogs !



Too Cool K9-Raul - Visit these two cool guys ! You won´t be sorry !


Of course I drive a Mercedes Benz A-Class !

 It´s kind of like a Yorkie ! "Small but big" with A LOT of attitude !


Pet Pals Inc - If you can !?! Help out ! Save a life !



Our favourite SWEDISH Breeders !!!!

We ONLY recommend BREEDERS, that are MEMBERS of SYTS & SKK !

Are YOU a nice & a caring BREEDER & want to be a part of our little WEBSITE ???

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