Little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouses very first bath & some other pics, at 9 weeks of age !


I feel that there IS something FISHY going on HERE !?!


What EVER can IT be ???


I better go and HIDE somewhere !

OHH...NO.....mommy was FASTER !



Wanna take a BATH !?! What is a BATH ???


It includes water, a hair-dryer, a brush & stuff that smells perfume...hmm !?!

Well....I give it a GO, AFTER my playtime OK !?!

Im gonna hump my little Teddy-blankie first !

My Teddy-blankie makes cool noises also !

Come on Teddy-blankie !

OH YES.....there is MY little Mumin-troll......KEWL !

Sniff, sniff.......where IS my kibble !?!

I smell & sense something else here.......hmmm !?!

I weigh myself every Sunday, when I get my weekly bath & grooming done !


Fluffy hairstyle, huh ???

A little brushing on my Sunday SPA-day !

Mommy think that I look like a little Gorilla-monkey ! I think that is more Rocka-Billy style, myself....hmmmpf !

Me Teddy all WET after my very first BATH at home !

Ive got HUGE ears, just like my big brother Raymond !

Trying to get dry all by myself, by running and rolling around on my little Teddy-blankie !

Dad......can my little Mumin-troll get a bath too..paweese..!?!

This was nice though.....a little massage & a little rubbing with the towel, after the bath !

Where IS that hairdryer that you PROMISED me, MOM ??? Im getting REALLY COLD here !

OHH BOY....I just REALIZED that YOU ALL, can see me ALL NEKKED here........HELP !

More nude-pics of ME little Yorkie Teddy !

YES.....I AM doing my VERY BEST to STAND STILL here !

Mmmmm........I am a bit thirsty !

Yukki........conditioner & schampoo taste like CRAP !

Are you TOTALLY SURE OF, that you can FIX ME & MY FUR all up AGAIN, mom ???

It is VERY slippery here......WHERE are my bath-slippers ???


YES....it was kind of NICE to get clean in this warm & soft water......I SURRENDER mom !

But NOW I want to GET OUT of HERE !

ME.....thin.....and small......!?!

This bathtub is kind of STRANGE !?!

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