Well Hello there friends ! Here are some of my brand new pals !!!


This is pretty & cool little Korey from North Carolina, USA ! He belongs to sweet Karen !


This is a cool swedish chick, that I did not recieve the name of......!?!


Here is my swedish mysteriouse chick again !


This is sweet Princess from Arizona !


This is Bailey & Meredith from Houston, Texas USA ! Such a cute pair & pic !!!


This VERY cool chick is little Edith Jones from Portland, Maine USA ! Edith got a own band and it is named after her, cool huh ? The band is called "The Edith Jones Project" !!!


Edith Jones loves to play in her yard, to digg & to play with all her neat toys !


This is little Mia & little Emmy.....talk about pretty girls, huh ???


This is me....little Yorkie Raymond as a little goalie !


This cool dude is little Charley from Germany !


This is cool little Harley from Arizona USA !


This is sweet Fenny & Birgitta Nyqvist from The Netherlands......cool last name, huh ? LOL


This little cutie-pie is little Lola from South Africa !


Another pic of my swedish mysteriouse woman !


This cutie-pie is cool little Cedric from Milwaukee, WI USA !


This sweetheart is pretty little Flea, who belongs to sweet Deanna and they both live in New Jersey, USA.


This little cutie is Buddy who belongs to Martha Miller in Phoenix, AZ !


This cool dude is my new friend Braxton from Houston, Texas USA !


Bailey is the sweet brother of little Braxton above and the both belong to sweet Meredith from Houston, Texas USA !


This is pretty little Hilda from Sweden !!!


These three sweethearts belongs to Martha Miller in Phoenix, AZ !


This VERY cool dude is little Yorkie Spencer, who belongs to sweet Monica !


This little cuties name is Flipper & he belongs to sweet Magdalena in Sweden ! His big brothers name is Calle and he lives at The Rainbow Bridge !


This is pretty little Muffie, who is owned by sweet Pamela !


This is sweet little Puddles & sweet little Punkinn, who also are owned by sweet Pamela from Georgia, USA ! Puddles will be 16 years old this year...SO cool !!! Punkinn & Muffie above are both 7 years old. Talk about sweet ladies !


These babies are sweet Pamelas cuties again ! Neat collage´huh ? Pamela is very talented ! Thank you Pamela !!!


This little cutie-pie is little Yorkie Marvin and he belongs to Anja in Germany !



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