22 Raymond (3)

Welcome to Little Yorkie Teddy & Freddy´s

Mixed Picture Gallery !

Me...little Yorkie Raymond will be your host ! Kewl, huh ?

I look like UK´s "Dame Edna" here, don´t you think so friends !?!


 Little Yorkie Freddy "Cookie Monster" & The original Cookie Monster himself !


Little Yorkie Freddy with one ear up and with one ear down !


Little Yorkie Freddy is being a little farmer´s boy !


Little Yorkie Teddy in his very own, cool little black Police Car !


Little Yorkie Freddy is guarding his bones, so his brother won´t steal them !


Little Yorkie Teddy & Freddy are out, on a little important mission !


Little Yorkie Freddy is trying to look cute for mommy !


Little Yorkie Teddy is trying to look cute also !


Little Yorkie Freddy says......"speak to my paw" !!!


Little Yorkie Freddy is exploring all the leafs outside.....yummi-yummi !


Little Yorkie Freddy the very first week at home, at 8 weeks of age !


Little Yorkie Freddy is being a shy little boy here !


Little Yorkie Freddy is trying to catch mommy´s digital camera !


Little Yorkie Freddy with his fluffy butt !


Little Yorkie Teddy out on duty again !


Little Yorkie Teddy & Freddy says...."Ein-zwei-drei...here comes The Swedish Fashion Polizei" !


Little Yorkie Teddy is a pretty brutal Police Officer, if he needs to be ! Man....does he love to have "the power".....yes-yes !


But little Yorkie Teddy, is a little sweetheart mostly though !


Little Yorkie Freddy can be a little "bully" sometimes ! But then little Yorkie Teddy picks up his Police-badge & his Police-nightstick......ooouch-ouch.....little Yorkie Freddy says then......hehee....woof, woof ! LOL


"Respect my authority"...god damn it...little Yorkie Teddy says !


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