How to take a proper bath !!!

The swedish style !

I think Iīm drowing in my toys here....hehee.....help !!!
Ohh MY........this IS comfy indeed !!!
I can sleep on them too.......you see there IS a practical reason for toys also, not just for fun only !
What ??? No more toys ??? Enough ???
I just need a couple more here......paweeese !!!
I donīt have THAT much toys AT ALL....hmmm !?!
Please donīt strangle me, for liking my toys....paweese !
I guard my toys with my life.....so beware !!!
HEY there stranger...give me back MY toy...or else !!!
WHAT....are you NOT scared of ME ???
I promise....I did NOT fall a sleep on my duty !!!
Lets dive in pals !
I think that Iīve been burgled here.....I miss one of my toys....hmmm !?!
Help me find it and help me find it NOW !!!!
It must be here SOMEWHERE !
NO.....it had NOT fallen out of the jacuzzi !
You are my NR:1 suspect....hmmm !?!
Have YOU stolen MY toy ???
Be completely hounest now......Iīm not kidding here !!!
Can I really trust you......hmmm !?!
I think I wanna cry now.....buu huu !!!
I WILL find it !
This was the last place, that I ever saw the toy at !
Once AGAIN.....WAS it you ???
I didnīt want to be rude here, I just asked you kindly !
Sorry.....if your feelings were hurt sweetie !
I do appologize here...sincerely...paweese forgive me !?!
Am I forgiven now ??? I sure hope so !?!
We just canīt loose our friendship, over one single toy...right cutie-pie ???
Ohhh..boy ! That was close !!! Whew !
I will shut my dark eyes and forget all this madness !
This took a lot of strenghth indeed !
I think that Iīve got a cold also, on top of it all !!!
Mom, can you go to the store and buy me a new one ???
I promise to be really good, if you will do that for me !
I will stay put here, until you get back from the toystore !
Spoiled ??? Who ??? Me ??? 

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