Little Yorkie Teddy at 9 weeks of age !


I just love my heart-shaped bed, that I recieved from the USA !

The pink Teddy-blankie is a gift from Hawaii, to my big brother Raymond. But Raymond KINDLY, let me have it !!!

Mmmmm.........This feels COASY indeed !

Did you say SOMETHING mom ???

Were you just TEASING me...AGAIN !?!

I wanna sleep some MORE here !

HEY....dont TEASE me TOO much !

Me little Yorkie Teddy on MY favourite pillow !

NOW....I AM REALLY mad at you MOM !!!

WHAT did I SAY about flashing me BLIND here, with that STUPID digital-camera !?!

I AM gonna GET that CAMERA !

I am PREPARING myself here !


I will PRETEND that Im NOT up to something here !

But make NO mistake about it......I am VERY prepared !!!

La la laa......!

I WILL get YOU in the END !

Maby not TODAY though......!?!

I feel SO sleepy all of a sudden....zzzz !

Zzzzzz......says me little Teddy !

I am one relaxed little dude !

A close up nap-shot !

Another close-up one !

I did NOT say Good Morning YET !

I will shut my little dark eyes and PRETEND that youre NOT harassing me AGAIN mommy !

I am a little TIGER !

Rise & shine !

Good morning dear !

Hmmm ??? What shall I DO today......???

I think I have to SLEEP on that one !

It is VERY coasy here, I say !

But I am prepared to be ATTACKED by mommy at ANYTIME !

These are my favourite toys....so far !

I LOVE this Teddy-blankie VERY MUCH !

Well hello up there mommy !

Still sleeping here !

I will sleep ALL DAY today !

WHAT did you SAY ???

Go OUTSIDE....... NOW !?!

I think that I will STAY here !

YES.......I am SURE !

Me little Teddy all awake & playing with one of my toys......Dobbe !!!

Me little Teddy taking a little nap AGAIN !

This blue pillow sure IS very comfy & very HUGE also......Or am I little Teddy VERY small !?!

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