At our breeders Amynatas, when mommy & daddy picked little Yorkie Teddy up for good !



I do NOT want to have my picture taken....NO WAY says little Teddy !

I am WARNING you......hmm...grrr !

OK.....I will behave ONLY for YOU Christel......I PROMISE !!!

Me little Teddy posing a little, with my former mommy Christel at Amynatas !

This is sweet little Pia !


A very sleepy yorkie !

This is little Alison !

This is Christel & Tanja.......little Teddys yorkie-mommy !

Me little Teddy, thinking of HOW to escape...hmm !?!

Me Teddy with one of my sisters & with my half-brother also.

Me little Teddy eating some kibbles here !

Me little Teddy eating some kibbles together with my sister.

Nap-time at Amynatas !

Little Yorkie Teddy together, with one of his sisters again !

Kibbles for EVERYBODY !

Playtime !

Drinking-time !

This is sweet Daisy, she is VERY COOL !

Sweet little Pia is guarding the kitchen, by the doggie-gate !

Little Pia again !


Hmmm......Am I tired or NOT.....that IS the QUESTION !?!

Nap-time !

Am I COOL, or what ????

Sweet Tanja & sweet Pia, are having a little conversation.

Coasy to take a group-nap !

WHO will get to the water-bowl FIRST !?!

Me little Teddy trying to wrestle a little, with my half-brother !

One of my relatives at Amynatas

Another relative !

Maltesers sure rocks !

A little family meeting !

Any snacks ???

HEY.......WE WANT snacks TOO.....paweese !

Get us out of here NOW !

Another group-shot at Amynatas !

THIS BUTT smells pretty STRANGE...hmmm ???....AHA !!!....It is a Maltesers BUTT ! NOW....I UNDERSTAND !!!

Daisy in action AGAIN.....she is a HOOT !!!

We are not in cages normally, but with all the pups, the hunting-season & everything else going on, it was necessary !

When is the hunting-season over mom & dad ??? We want to get groomed !

We WANT to get OUT of HERE !

I think that I will climb myself out of here !

Buuhuu......I´m scared of hights..buuhuu....hmm !?!

Daddy Jörgen with sweet little Yorkie Pia, at Amynatas !

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