Here you can watch swedish little Yorkie Teddy, while he is "striking the pose" !!!

Me little Yorkie Raymond is  EVERYWHERE, huh ??? LOL


Welcome to our "Teddy Goes Doggone" Fashion Side !

All the very cute & all the VERY stylish items & clothes, that you can see on this side, are mostly from Merry at Doggone Fashion !

But there are also lots of very pretty items & some very cool stuff, from Sue at Crown Royal Yorkshireterriers.....like ALL the very pretty bows, the little hat, the bling-bling collar & the comfy Mickey Mouse blankie for example !

There are also some very nice gifts from our dear friend Jan Moyers, on this page. But they canīt be bought though.....sorry !

We will mention if the items are from sweet Sue at Crown Royal Yorkshireterriers ! Otherwise if we donīt mention anything......then the items are from, sweet Merry at Doggone Fashion ! JFI


So we really hope that you will enjoy, little Yorkie Teddyīs Fashion Show friends !


Let the show begin, me little Yorkie Teddy says....yes-yes !!!

Me little Yorkie Teddy is "striking the pose" here !!!


Little Yorkie Teddys at 9 weeks of age, in his very first sweater from Doggone Fashion !

Auntie Sue made me a very snuggly & neat, Mickey Mouse blankie !

My little orange Halloween sweater,which says.....BOO !!!

My very first fleece sweater !

My little sweater with a hood from Sue !

Me little Teddy in my zebra-sweater, at 10 weeks of age !

This leopard heart-shaped bed is my favorite....VERY comfy indeed !

Sue made me a little pillow & some neat chewing toys also !

I am only 11 weeks old here !

My very cute "I miss you" sweater !

I am one cool dude, huh ?

I do look good in pink !

Well hello there daddy !

I really love this sweater !

My cool pink "Celebrate" sweater !

Me little Yorkie Teddy, at 12 weeks of age !

Me little Yorkie Teddy with my sweater from Sue, at 13 weeks of age !

My little orange sweater again, at 15 weeks of age !

Who said that doggies donīt like to wear clothes ??? Not me little Yorkie Teddy.....NO WAY !

My cool little blue overall !

Me in another position here !

My very pretty personalized bling-bling collar, from Sue & my zebra-patterned fleece sweater from Doggone !

Me little Teddy & daddy are putting on my very cool & practical "Puppy Purse" here ! This puppy-sling was a "bit small" for daddy shoulders though....hehehee.....but not for mommys of course !!!

How cool am I here in my sweater from Sue, at 16 weeks of age !?!

Me posing in my orange fleece-vest, at 17 weeks of age !

Pretty neat huh ?

I feel very comfy in this vest indeed !

Me in my red Mickey Mouse sweater......I just love this one !

Yorkies do look very good in red....yes-yes !

I love to pose !

Me posing in my awesome Smarty Pants, at 18 weeks of age !

I feel pretty relaxed in this cool outfit !

This leopard furcoat is my bestest outfit so far......so comfy & so pretty !

Donīt  you think that I look pretty at 19 weeks of age friends !?!

I feel so sassy in this outfit....oh-la-laa !

Iīve got a matching leopard Sue-bow, neat huh ?

Me little Yorkie Teddy feel so stylish in my pretty coat !

This is my beige & leopard overall !

The same cute beige overall with a matching leopard bow !

Me sleeping in my white Mickey Mouse sweater....I canīt pose ALL the time !

One of all the pretty bows, that Sue made for me little Teddy !

Donīt you think that Iīm a pretty good little doggie-model friends !?!

This bow is pretty, huh ?ALL the bows on this side, are made by Sue !

My very cool glam-rock outfit......this is my party outfit !

I am all set to party now !

This is me little Teddy wearing a doggie-patterned bellyband, with a matching bandana !

The very same outfit from another angle !

This black, yellow & orange outfit is very neat !

I love to mix colours...red & orange...why not ???

Iīve got a pretty back, huh !?! LOL

I can still wear my little blue fleece sweater, at 20 weeks of age !

See....it still fits me !

It is always neat to have a matching bow !

I can still wear my zebra fleece outfit also....kewl !

My orange & dark-blue zebra fleece sweater, at 20 weeks of age !

My warm beige sweater at 20 weeks of age !

I do look good all natural also......OF COURSE !!!

Me & my Smarty Pants at 20 weeks of age.......Iīm so very cool indeed...hehee...woof, woof !

Me posing "all nekked" here, in my favorite green bow !

With this cool bow, Iīm all set for ANY kind of party....even The Carnival in Rio De Janerio !

This is the same cool kind of a bow, but a red one this time !

My baby-blue "Angel" sweater, at 22 weeks of age !

My pretty baby-blue sweater again, with my matching Mickey Mouse bow !

This sweater is very comfy & pretty !

Maby too comfy sometimes.....hehehee....I fell asleep on my duty here !

This is my very cool blue "glamour vest", with a practical harness on the back also, neat huh ?

This groovy pink "Love" sweater is SO my style, in EVERYWAY indeed !

I am a proud "metro-dude" at 22 weeks of age !

I fell in love with this pretty pink sweater straight away !

This cool green vest makes me feel like "George of the jungle", if you know what I mean !?!

A close up one on my little neat vest, at 22 weeks of age !

Of course you have to try a outfit out in EVERY way....even sleeping in it !

A very neat little vest, donīt you think so too friends !?!

I feel "wild & crazy" in this cool outfit !

Another very cool pink outfit with a harness on the back !

Me little Teddy is wearing the very same pink outfit from another angle here, at 22 weeks of age !


I am enjoying my very first Happy Meal in this pink outfit !

My very neat & personalized baby-blue fleece Mickey Mouse sweater  !

Pretty cool, huh ?

Yes.....this is the very same Mickey Mouse fleece sweater, with a matching bow !

I have got a pink one also....lucky me, huh ?


 Here is my very coasy pink Teddy-sweater from Doggone !


I can still wear this pretty sweater from Sue, at 23 weeks of age !


This cool leather jacket, is a gift from our dear friend Jan Moyers !


I feel pretty cool in this one ! Yes-yes !!!


Iīm a pretty manly dude, huh ? At the age of only 7 months ! LOL


This pretty denim jacket is also a gift, from Jan Moyers in CA !


It has a coasy fur-collor, that can be removed ! Not bad at all !


Stylish denim outfit indeed !


This pretty Mickey Mouse blankie was made for me little Teddy, by my auntie Jan Moyers !


My sweet US-aunties spoiles sure spoil me rotten, with neat blankies & pretty items...........kewl !


This cool John Deere vest is a gift from Sue, at Crown royal Yorkshireterriers !


I use this vest when I go for a visit on the country side !


But I wear it at home also......coasy-coasy !!!


This bowling vest is also a gift from sweet Sue, at Crown Royal Yorkshireterriers !


This vest make me feel pretty manly also !


Suites me well, huh ?


This is my personalized Teddy bling-bling collar from my auntie Sue, at Crown Royal Yorkshireterriers.


Following pics are of some of my bows, that were made for me & Raymond, by our sweet auntie Sue at Crown Royal Yorkshireterriers !

But our sweet auntie Merry sells Sueīs bows also and some of them were gifts from her & from Doggone Fashion. JFI

Purple !

Purple again, neat huh ?

Orange !

Black & glitter !

Purple & black !

Black with white dots !

Yellow !

Deep-red & glitter !

Green with white dots !


Red !

Blue with white dots !

Green camouflage !

Green & black !

Dark-blue & gold !

Yellow sunflower !




 This mega-cool sweater was a neat gift from New York ! YES.....hehehee.....woof, woof......."Bitches sure LOVES me little Teddy".....yes-yes !!! I sure love this sweater, thank you "very mucho", to "The Ledin family" in Stockholm !


This very neat Disney-sweater was a neat gift earlier on, from my auntie Sue in The US. But I have not been big enough to wear it until now, pretty stylish sweater huh ? I really like this one and it is very comfy also.....yes-yes !

This very cool sweater belonged to my big brother little Yorkie Raymond earlier on. But now it is all MINE.....hehee...wof, woof !

These cool & very comfy summer sweaters, were pressies from my mommy & daddy !

These two trendy sweaters, were also some pressies from my mommy & daddy !

My very neat California leather jacket from dear Jan Moyers still fits me, cool huh ? I look like a "lean-mean-killing maschine"........heheee......woof, woof ! LOL

 If me little Yorkie Teddy, is a little Diva ??? Of course !!!

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