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Little Yorkie Teddy's Most Recent Pics !


The arrival of our three new Yorkie babyboy´s.....lil Yorkie Freddy "Cookie Monster", Viggo "Betty Boop´s Pudgy" & Milou "Kermit The Frog" ! 

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Yorkie Teddy & Freddy´s Mixed Picture Gallery

 Little Yorkie Teddy & Freddy are "Striking the pose" 2 !!!

Wanna see little Teddy Micky Mouse grow up, week by week !?!

Little Yorkie Teddy's Most Recent Pics

 New VERY Cool Stuff on Raymond 8

Some Very Cool Pics of me on Raymond 9

Even More Cool Pics on Raymond 10

Teddy & Raymonds Fun & Cool Stuff on Raymond 20

 A neat letter from Miss Yorkie Jordan at The Rainbow Bridge

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 Little Yorkie Teddy is "Striking the pose" 1 !!!

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