We REALLY hope that YOU will enjoy YOUR stay friends !



Our little Yorkie Raymond is at The Rainbow Bridge now !

He went there today friday on the 23rd of September 2005, at 22.40 o´clock Swedish time. Please pray for him to arrive there safely friends !

We are in so much pain right now, but this was for the very best and it was for the very best for Raymond. I don´t know what we will do without him and it hurts so much, that I just can´t put it into words. He was and is our baby-boy. I can´t imagnine that I could love someone more, than I loved Raymond.

He looked so peaceful when he fell asleep in daddy Jörgens arms. Then we wrapped him up in his Mama Jan blankie, that he loves so much and we put his favourite squeeky white mouse right next to him. We told him how much we loved him and we also said thank you Raymond, for the special time that we have shared together. He will always be our special little Raymond ! We told him that his girlfriend Petit Fleur is now waiting for him, at The Rainbow Bridge and that he will be OK.

Thank you for all the support through all of this friends, we will never ever forget it.....never !

Raymond had a little seziure earlier on this evening, but he came through from it OK. But we took it as a sign, that his time had come. He had showned it to both Jorgen & to me in so many different ways, that it was his time now and that his little body could not coupe anymore. We didn´t want him to suffer on our behaf. 

He even tried to make this decision as easy as possible, for the both of us. Un-selfish until the very end !

We love you Raymond and we always will !!! Rest in peace sweetie !


We took this picture of Raymond today.

We love you Raymond.........goodbye & sleep tight, until you arrive safely at The Rainbow Bridge. Petit Fleur and all your other friends will be there, when you arrive.

You are one very special little doggie and you will always be special to us !!!

We will never ever forget you and you will always be in our hearts !

One day we will meet again.

Mommy Ulrica & Daddy Jörgen in Sweden


This message was written right after the appointment at the emergency-vets, when little Yorkie Raymond went to The Rainbow Bridge. On the very same evening and just when we got back home again.


You will ALWAYS be in our HEARTS Raymond !


DON´T forget to still CONTINUE to VISIT ME at my WEBSITE friends ! I´m watching you ALL, here from The Rainbow Bridge !!!


What IS The Rainbow Bridge ???


To find it ALL out....please check out "The Rainbows Bridge Homepage" !

Or watch the VERY beautiful & HIGHLY recommended little Rainbow Bridge VIDEO here:

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Thank you for EVERYTHING Raymond !


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A BIG thank you to ALL of our friends, that have have mailed us and supported us in SO many different ways !!!



ALL the posts,messages,notecards,gifts,flowers, graphics & EVERYTHING are saved FOREVER ! I will read ALL the posts, when I have the strength back again. I will also make a pretty Scrap-book/Memory-book, in the honour of my little Yorkie Raymond. I have only just started to work with the Memory-book...JFI friends !


This was little Yorkie Raymonds favourite place down on earth, except from our own properties of course !



Thank you SO much for EVERYTHING to....Celia & Fjeddy´s, Sue & Yorkie Dogs R Us, Judy & Yorkifriends, Yorkieviews 2, Yorkie Hub, 4 Yorkie Lovers, Yorkie Boris Best Ball,T&E Group, YY Group and to ALL of our friends in Sweden and to ALL of our friends all over the world !!!


This little nature lake is situated almost next to our house and it is very relaxing there !


We really DO appreciate ALL of your kindness & support friends, PLEASE know that !!!


Thank you SO much auntie Merry for ALL the neat stationary & graphics and mostly for "bailing me out", so I can speak again...hehee...woof, woof !

It´s not too bad to have a pair of wings either !!!


ME little Raymond is a little TIGER....YES I AM !



This is our little Yorkie Viggo´s dad & Teddy, Freddy & Milou´s very beautiful grandpa Yorkie Tristan, who sadly left earth for The Rainbow Bridge on New Years Day 2006. Yorkie Tristan was both a swedish & a finish Champion and he was VERY loved by our little Yorkie Teddy, Freddy,Viggo & Milou´s breeders Amynatas. Yorkie Tristan was born 1997-11-19, so he was not old at all and it was totally unexpected for his family also. Little Yorkie Teddy, Freddy, Viggo & Milou are very proud of their sweet dad & grandpa Yorkie Tristan & he is now protected by our little Yorkie Raymond at The Rainbow Bridge.


Even if it feels SO very sad & SO very empty, when we do leave our loved ones down on earth. Paweease...try to remember, that we are now all healthy & happy at The Rainbow Bridge !


Meet my brand NEW & so very COOL friend Miss Yorkie Jordan, who also lives at The Rainbow Bridge !


Click here to meet sweet little Miss Jordan !!!


ME little Yorkie Raymond LOVES comfy handbags indeed !


This is my very good friend little Yorkie Boris, who does an EXCELLENT job working AGAINST Puppy Mills !!! Yorkie Boris has joined me at The Bridge now and he is the bestest ! 



Please HELP OUT to avoid ALL the misery & suffering, that is going on ALL over THE WORLD ! Paweeese !!!


EVERYBODY can do SOMETHING ! A little is MUCH better than NOTHING !!!


Buying a SMALL dog like ME little Yorkie Raymond, IS a HUGE responsibility !!!



Me little Yorkie Raymond was a VERY lucky boy, who came from a lovely & a small family breeder ! Little Yorkie Teddy, Freddy, Viggo & Milou, were also four VERY lucky boys ! But there are SO many doggies out there, that aren´t as lucky as we were. ALL the sadness & ALL the suffering, that ALL these Puppy Mills & Backyard breeders cause, are just unbelievable ! NEVER EVER buy a dog from a shop and please MAKE SURE that YOUR breeder is NOT a Puppy Mill, or a Backyard breeder !!!



We lay OUR lives in YOUR hands !!!


We have SO much love & feelings, in our TINY bodies !

Don´t just look the other way............!


If you can.....paweease help out !


You don´t want a cutie like ME little Yorkie Teddy, to suffer badly huh !?!


VERY IMPORTANT greetings from me, your dear friend little Yorkie Raymond at The Rainbow Bridge !!!


Now it is time to SMILE again friends !


I said SMILE......hehehee...woof, woof !!!


I can SEE if you´re NOT smiling here....hehehe..woof, woof....those "special powers", you know !


Mirror, mirror on the wall.....who is the prettiest little Yorkie Raymond of them ALL ???


I am such a COOL dude.....Sayornara pals !


Little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse in action !



Well Hello there ALL my earthly friends !

Dis is me.....little Yorkie Raymond, that is typing a little message here from The Rainbow Bridge !

I am doing just FINE over here, but mommy & daddy were SO sad, that I had to leave them on earth for now.

So I decided to send them a baby-brother &  a little Apprentice of mine.......a sweet little angel, called Teddy Micky Mouse !!!

Mickey without an e.........! But they call him just Teddy !!!

Dad said a prayer in secret to me and asked me to send mommy a CLEAR SIGN, that this was the VERY RIGHT thing to do, before mommy and daddy got to the breeders (Amynatas) and I sure DID !!!

Mommy almost choked, when she saw what he was already named......Micky Mouse !!!

Mommy is all nuts about that MICKEY MOUSE dude, so if she could not understand THAT sign of mine, she would not understand ANYTHING AT ALL.....hehee.....woof, woof ! I´m such a CLEVER boy ! Yes I am !!! 

I have guided them in the right direction to little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse, ALL the time, from the very beginning. So there would not be any chance what so ever, that they could misunderstand me over here.

I care SO much about both my mommy & my daddy, so I just had to do something up here and I had to do something really FAST, before they would cry themselves to death, or go nuts or something like that. Such cry-babies indeed.....hmmm !?!

 They sure got me VERY worried up here at The Rainbow Bridge for a while. But I  just HAD to leave them down on earth, I had no choiche at that moment....I had waited to cross The Rainbow Bridge, all the time that I possible could & then some !

They had called me up here AGES ago, if I am completely hounest here.....and I could not be rude to them anymore........I am such a polite & a also such a very good boy indeed.....so..hmmm....!?!

But I had to wait until mommys stupid crashed ribs & such, could coupe with me leaving mom & dad all alone down on earth. Until it is their time of course and we ALL can meet up here again........whoo hoo ! KEWL !!!

Mommy & Daddy were both SO very sad, that I almost went back to earth again ! I actually DID............I stayed with them in secret for another two weeks or so. But they could not see me, just hear me and feel me.

But mommy cought me by surprise a couple of times.........that was a HUGE mistake of mine ! But I think it DID calm her down and NOT the opposite, that I was SO afraid of first ! Whew......I sure got PRETTY NERVOUSE there, for a little while......phuu huu.......help !!!

feel ALL WELL & happy up here at The Rainbow Bridge now !!! I can FINALLY breath properly & I can also sleep calmly on my back again and I have met SO many old & SO many new COOL friends up here...........It is such a GREAT & such a LOVELY place, I must say ! Toys & chicks EVERYWHERE for example and just COOL dudes, NO meanies AT ALL.....whoo hoo !!!

So dear friends......let me introduce my lil-brother.....little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse, to ALL of you sweet people !!! My little Apprentice, as I call him !!!

What do you think friends ??? Did I, little Yorkie Raymond do a good job over here, or not ???

Ohh.......BOY mommy is VERY busy right now...heheee......daddy too.... after work hours.......But it is VERY good for the both of them, to not just cry after me ALL the time ! They still do cry sometimes, but NOW they FINALLY look happy also and not JUST sad & pitful.....GREAT !!! They are already in love with little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse !!!

I will always be up here above, watching the both of them down on earth & I will always be watching & guiding my LITTLE BROTHER, sweet little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse also.....OF COURSE ! I know HOW MUCH they DO love me & that they ALWAYS will love me........I´m NOT stupid.....heheee ! Woof, woof !!!

Lots of wet kisses to ALL of you, from the now BIG BROTHER, little Yorkie Raymond at The Rainbow Bridge.

Hehee........poor Teddy is gonna be happily surprised (I hope), when he sees HOW MUCH stuff, that I have left him down on earth...........a bathtub full with neat toys for example.....hehee....woof, woof ! My little Apprentice/Protage´!!!

I can´t just let him have ONLY a FEW toys, huh ? Then he would NOT be MY lil brother & MY little Apprentice.....right friends ???

I hope that he will like my pool also !?! In the future........ he might be another little swedish Tadpole, who knows ???

I will try to guide him, all that I possible can from up here above and Uncle Yorkie Ludvig, did promise me, to take care of him also. Yorkie Ludvig is such a cool & such a kind dude and he is also a VERY good friend & a blood-relative of mine !

He has comforted & supported mommy, since I had to leave earth and he has behaved REALLY well, I must say ! Rock on little Yorkie Ludvig !!! I am his Guardian Angel now, by the way ! So he better behave........heheee !

 I am now reunited with my VERY pretty girlfriend Petit Fleur and she sure keeps me VERY BUSY also....puu..huu....women...! So it is VERY good for me, that I don´t have to watch over mommy & daddy ALL the time now a days !

I think that little Miss Yorkie Jordan is one "hot chick" indeed, but she sure IS very bossy and I sure do respect her TOTALLY. But she is kind of soft, under that hard surface & tough approach of hers and I REALLY do like her A LOT ! She kindly let me be in charge of ALL the toys, at The Rainbow Bridge.........whooo hoo........AND of ALL the swimming-pools ALSO ! I am the official Swim-teacher at The Rainbow Bridge now ! Kewl, huh ???

Here are some pics of my little Apprentice & lil brother Teddy Micky Mouse ! He is only 8 weeks old right now ! Teeny-weeny........heheee....woof, woof !!!! I can´t BELIEVE, that I once was THAT small also.....hehee....woof, woof !!!

PLEASE.......Continue to visit my little silly Website & please continue to vote for me weekly at:


I will keep you ALL updated on my sweet Apprentices & my little brothers, Yorkie Teddy, Freddy, Viggo & Milou´s wareabouts !

I will do that through my:

Special Little Rainbow Bridge Newsletters


Do you love me too....dad !?!


Well hello there again, ALL my sweet Yorkie friends !

Well hello there friends.....dis is me......little Yorkie Raymond, that is speaking from The Rainbow Bridge again !

I have some REALLY SIZZLING NEWS to tell you ALL !!! Guess WHAT pals ???

Are YOU sitting down right now, my friend ???...........Otherwise please DO SO.....hehee....woof, woof !

Me little Yorkie Raymond has sent mommy & daddy ANOTHER apprentice of mine !!! Are you SURPRISED now my friend ??? LOL

Only a few persons have knowned about all of this until now & recently, because mommy didn´t want to jinx it !?!

Jinx WHAT....me little Yorkie Raymond says !?! She is kind of sensetive, since I had to leave her for the lovely Rainbow Bridge. Ohh...boy !

My little apprentice Yorkie Teddy has behaved SO nicely from the very start. So I thought that he would need a little apprentice of his OWN and a lil brother of his......yes-yes !

Once again I can say that I´m SO proud of my little protoge´ Teddy !!! He has cared for little Freddy Cookie Monster ALL the time and he is SO protective of him already.

They have slept together, played, eaten & they have been on a little mission in the woods and much-much more ALREADY !!! 

Yorkie Freddy sure IS a FAT little Cookie Monster indeed.....wow !!! Mommy thought that she was misreading the scale of hers, when she weighed lil Freddy today.....heheee ! He weighed "ONLY" 1.4 kilos at 8 weeks of age......hehehee !

He sure IS a little Cookie Monster in EVERY WAY.....yes-yes ! A MOOSE has entered they building............kewl ! Yorkie Freddy is more like me, little Yorkie Raymond......a little Gladiator !

Micky Mouse & Cookie Monster, my two apprentices !!! MEGA-KEWL I say !!!

They brought him home on thursday the 3rd of August, on mommy´s 35th Birthday ! Talk about the bestest birthday pressie EVER, huh ? My work OF COURSE !

So ta-ta-taa until next time pals !!!


Bestest regards from me, little Yorkie Raymond at The Rainbow Bridge


I will also keep you ALL updated on my & Teddy, Freddy, Viggo & Milou´s Website of course !!! You can SIGN UP for my Special little Newsletters & Greetings for FREE, if you click on the link above or down below ! KEWL !!!

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ME little Yorkie Teddy is a little ANGEL on EARTH !


MY Rainbow Child Request !

Wanna know how YOUR Rainbow Child is doing, at The Rainbow Bridge ??? Then send me Raymond his/her name, the breed, the gender and tell me your name of course ! Then I can report a little, through my Special little Newsletters ! So don´t forget to sign up for my FREE Special little Newsletters also, if you have not done that already, that is !?!

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Yorkie Teddy is a little shoe-maniac !!!


 Did YOU say something behind MY back..hmm ???


Here is little Yorkie Teddy sleeping on his brand new coasy bed, at home in Sweden !!! Spoiled rotten ALREADY ! LOL



Here is my little brother Teddy,ONLY 5-6 weeks old !!! This pic made mommy & daddy fall in love with him ! It was taken by Teddy´s breeders Amynatas, cute huh ???


Here is little Yorkie Teddy only 8 weeks & 2 days old. This pic was taken at home, by mommy !!!


Here is my little Apprentice Teddy with his own Pokemon, cute pair, huh ?


Camouflage Teddy !


Little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse, with one of our Mickey Mouse´s at home !


Poor little Teddy is being squeesed into our Mickey Mouse cookie-jar !



Little Yorkie Teddy is sitting next to our Mickey Mouse telephone !


Little Teddy Micky Mouse & the "real" Mickey Mouse in pose !


I am a little sweetheart !


Check out little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse some more on: Raymond 12 !!! Lots of baby pics there for you to see !


Do YOU love ME little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse ?


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Paws up from me

Little Yorkie Raymond at The Rainbow Bridge !!!


This is a view of the lake Hörnsjön,that I little Yorkie Raymond & little Yorkie Teddy, Freddy, Viggo & Milou live just next to, down on earth. We live on a mountain called Varvsberget ! Our hometown is called Örnsköldsvik (Eagle-shield-bay) and is situated in the north of Sweden. It is a coastal city in the middle of "The High Coast World Heritage Area" !!!




I´m ready to play some now...pleeease !


I am all dressed up for a fun little trip somewhere too !


This is me Raymond, on one of my favourite spots.......the couch !


Well Hello there my friend !






Do I have your attention now friends !?! I´m doing my very own Elvis Presley "lip-thing" here ! So let your groovy hips roll pals !


I´m SO very bored right now....hmmm !



Well hello there friends !!! My name is Raymond and I´m a little Swedish Yorkshireterrier ! I now live in my Pink Castle, at The Rainbow Bridge officially. But I also still live in a house in Örnsköldsvik with my "mommy" Ulrica Nyqvist, my "daddy" doctor Jörgen Hellström ( PhD in Economics ) & now also with my little brother & my very own Apprentice, little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse Just recently I decided to get myself another apprentice of mine and a lil brother for Teddy also. His name is little Yorkie Freddy Cookie Monster and MAN, is he the coolest little dude EVER ! He sure is a little Cookie Monster in EVERY way pals ! Me little Yorkie Raymond is the boss at The Toys Paradise, at The Rainbow Bridge by the way and I´m still a pretty chatty dude, through my newsy little Newsletters ! According to my "mom" I´m a VERY intelligent, cute, pretty, nice, beautiful, charming, cuddly and a good-looking boy in the best of my years !!! That is, 12.5 years old so to speak ! Take a tour on my & little Yorkie Teddy & Freddy´s Website and I will tell you more about myself and I will also tell you more about my two little Apprentices & lil brothers little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse & little Freddy Cookie Monster. You can also E-mail us, on our E-mail adress down below. Or even better, put your paws in our NEW English Guestbook .....or do both....AWESOME !!! I think that´s a VERY good idea, don´t you friends !?! Please come back very soon and visit me, little Yorkie Raymond & little Yorkie Teddy & Freddy again. I will update this site often with lots of more neat pictures, facts and other fun & silly stuff ! Now..FINALLY has little Yorkie Milou-Kermit The Frog & also little Yorkie Irresistible Viggo-Betty Boop´s Pudgy arrived here at our house in Sweden. So don´t miss all the NEW stuff, that will come up here shortly friends ! It is gonna be....MEGA-KEWL !!!

LAST UPDATED Year-2007-Month-01-Day-10 With A  LOT of FUN STUFF & SILLY STUFF for YOU to CHECK OUT !!!


Yorkies rock....BIG TIME !!!


WHAT ??? Don´t you AGREE with ME here !!! Are YOU completely NUTS !?!


This was the VERY FIRST topknot, that little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse had on his cute little head.....kewl !


Here is little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse wearing his first bow EVER !

Wanna join ME little Raymond in MY super-cool, pool ???



MY picture in Aftonbladet, the biggest evening paper in Sweden !


Me little Yorkie Raymond is the VERY fameouse Swedish Tadpole ! LOL

This picture was taken early in the morning, when I was just a little puppy.


I´m doing some seriouse work-out here !



My very own tasty birthday-cake !


Take-away food from Mickey D´s....chicken...mmm..yummi !


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You won´t be sorry !


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Me little Teddy just LOVE my leopard heart-shaped bed !


I´m a little "handydog" ! Such a manly little dude, huh ?

Me little Yorkie Raymond is a foxy dude, even when I´m wet and nekked !

Reddy-freddy !?!



Little Yorkie Teddy´s Pic of The Month !







Wanna see our sweet little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse grow up, week by week friends !?!


Just scroll down the side then, or click here: Raymond 16


Little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse "Kato Pinkerton Gonzales", very first pic at home !


We take NEW pics of our little Yorkie Teddy EVERY SINGLE WEEK and we will add more & more, on the WEBSITE !


I´m mommy´s little pretty boy......YES I AM !


I am a little ladiesman already !


Brand NEW pics of ME little Yorkie Teddy EVERYWHERE !


Me little Yorkie Teddy has got some pretty long & some very nice Supermodel legs, huh !?! So watch out, Miss Tyra Banks...heheee ! LOL

Mommy calls me little Yorkie Teddy "Kato" also ! Just like the very cool charachter in The Pink Panther movies, with Peter Sellers starring as Inspector Jacques Clouseau. Kato ALWAYS attacks Insp. Clouseau when he´s NOT prepared at all, or when he comes home from work. That is HOW I also behave towards my mommy..hehehee.....woof, woof ! Not boring AT ALL, in our little whimsical house in Sweden....NO WAY !!!


Are YOU talking to ME !?!

A LOT of Cool NEW PICTURES & STUFF all over the WEBSITE !!!

See if you can find them friends.....!?! Yes-yes !!!

ME little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse, is posing for YOU !


Me little Yorkie Teddy is giving you my "wild look" here....or "The evil eye"...hehee !


Mommy recieved this neat book as a pressie, from sweet Sue. But I sure find it quite interesting myself also ! The Yorkshireterriers for Dummies book !


I am one sleepy dude right now !

You haven´t missed ALL the NEW stuff on Raymond 8-12, huh ???

Raymond 13-20 are pretty cool also.....!!!


Brand NEW stuff are being put up there ALL the time, so don´t miss it friends ! NO WAY JOSE´ !!!

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Please don´t be sad friends ! I´m happy at The Rainbow Bridge now !!!


I am a VERY happy dude and I want you to SMILE here !


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So hey there cutie........don´t be a stranger !

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Cool ride, huh ???


HOW on EARTH will I GET OUT of this thing, from the 1800-century !?!


The swedish Tadpole in action !





Little Yorkie Raymond & Little Yorkie Teddy, Freddy, Viggo & Milou  

Wish You ALL

  A Great Start of The New Year of 2007 !!!

Me little Yorkie Teddy, is in a very SUNNY mood today !


Sunflowers are pretty on BOWS also !


Wanna have some FUN ???



Raymond ??? What are YOU doing in THAT urn ???



 My little tribute to "Playdog" !!!


Me little Yorkie Raymond has always loved flowers !


NEW !!! HOT !!! FUNNY !!!

Little Yorkie RAYMOND in his first VERY OWN little MOVIE


You can find the LINK for "the little movie", if you scroll down the side a bit !


I´m think that I´m Mr Ian Thorpe !


Me Raymond with my very first red, hot & super-kewl hair-extensions !


Me Raymond with my purple & blue hair-extensions !


Me Raymond with my current look.....super-red hair-extensions this time ! Do you like friends ???


There is a NEW sheriff in town.....ME !!!


Are YOU wanted DEAD or ALIVE !?! Then I will track YOU down......YES I WILL !!!.....So BEWARE "you criminal you".......grrr, grrrr....waff,waff,woof...!!!


Stylish or what !?!


I do LOVE gifts and especially cool american ones....whoo..hoo ! 


This is a gift from my swedish poodle-friend My ! A little red teddybear, made by her mommy Gulli and stuffed with My´s very own poodle-fur.....cool huh ???


I fear NOTHING !!!


Have you seen my very own neat & cool gnome-bow !?!


Me Raymond with my pretty gifts from sweet Sue in Michigan. Thank you SO much sweet Sue, we love them very much !


Hey there my friend ! Are YOU enjoying OUR website ???


We are HAPPY that you stopped by our SILLY little website !


You have YOUR speakers turned ON, right friends !?!


I am comming pretty CLOSE here.....woof, woof.....SO BEWARE.....hehehee...woof, woof !


Me lil Teddy is a little Yorkie-crocodile...a VERY dangerouse "Yorkiedile"....SCARY dude, huh ?


Look at ALL the neat & ALL the cool stuff that, sweet auntie Merry & sweet auntie Sue, sent to little Teddy Micky Mouse & to my mommy Ulrica as a BIG & a HUGE surprise gift !!! Mommy almost fainted of happiness and little Teddy is gonna be one VERY stylish dude from now on ! SO VERY cool indeed !


Merry is the owner of Doggone Fashion & Sue is the owner of Crown Royal Yorkshireterriers ! So pay them both a little visit, you won´t be sorry....I PROMISE ! There you can find yourself almost EVERYTHING, that you can EVER desire ! From VERY PRETTY BOWS to the COOLEST OUTFITS EVER !!! Whoo...hoo !


Little Yorkie Teddy in a cool PINK outfit !


Little Yorkie Teddy at 21 weeks of age !


Little Yorkie Teddy at 31 weeks of age !


Me little Yorkie Teddy is becoming a little man now !


Me little Yorkie Teddy at 35 weeks of age, posing in my very own Mickey Mouse bow !


Me little Yorkie Teddy is 9 months old here !!!

Me little Teddy is trying to look pretty !


Me Raymond & my best friend & relative Ludvig Lambada on a little mission !


This is me Raymond snuggling on my favourite pillow !

Me little Yorkie Raymond with my pal The Cookie Monster !

LINK for "The little Movie"



Check it out, you won´t be sorry.......I promise !


I love my stylish coat, do you ?


This is me Raymond with my neat little Bry buddy-blankie ! A very nice surprise gift from Brighton & Lisa in Hawaii, pretty cool huh !?! Thank you pals & Aloha ! Visit Bongzees Creations & find yourself some Unique Hawaiian Creations !




Little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse, found himself two new friends at home !


Little Yorkie Teddy is stealing "Uncle Raisins" blankie away from mommy !

Me little Teddy love this "foot-thing" A LOT !


Me little Yorkie Teddy lives in a "gated community"...hehee..woof,woof !



      Don´t you just LOVE my cute little face !?!





      I´m totally embaressed now !

P.SWanna see little Teddy Micky Mouse grow up, week by week !?!Teddy & Raymonds Fun & Cool Stuff on Raymond 20 Little Yorkie Teddy is "Striking the pose" !!!Our Brand NEW Internet Pals & Picture Side NR:2 A neat letter from Miss Yorkie Jordan at The Rainbow Bridge,New Baby Pics of My Cute little Brother & Apprentice little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse on Raymond 12New Pictures & New Links on My Very First Side, New VERY Cool Stuff on Raymond 8 Some Very Cool Pics of me on Raymond 9, Even More Cool Pics on Raymond 10, New Links on My Current Favourite Links Side on Raymond 1Brand New Fashion Links on Raymond´s Closet Side....and New Stuff almost EVERYWHERE else too... So take a little LOOK...paweeeeease.!!!Yes-yes !!! D.S


SO sleepy....zzzz...! This is my favourite blankie ever !!! A neat surprise-gift from The Moyers in California......such nice friends, huh ??? I took this blankie with me, on my little journey to The Rainbow Bridge !


I´m Raymond "The Teddybear" !


This VERY neat, stylish & VERY comfy blankie & bow has sweet Sue made for me Raymond. Wowii sweet Sue !


What´s up dude ???



NOW you got me REALLY confused......hmmm !?!

AHA.....NOW..I get it !!!

I´m such a COOL dude !


 I am waiting here mom !!! Hurry up paweese ! I want to go out NOW !


Guess what friends !?! I´m a LORD now !

My new name is:

Lord Raymond of Marlborough Road !!!

Click on the link above and see me !


Hey there sweetie-pie ! Have you seen my very own neat little backpacker ? Pretty cool huh ?


This photo of me, was taken just outside of our house !


I´m NOT a munk...NO WAY Jose´....I´m a little CASANOVA !!!


Me little Yorkie Teddy in my cool Smarty Pants !


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Raymond enjoying the Wild Life.

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Raymond The Red & Hot Little Chilipepper.

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Raymond 11 - A letter from sweet Miss Yorkie Jordan at The Rainbow Bridge,

The Most Wanted Criminal little Yorkie Raymond & friends,

 Raymond & la Pumpkin, Lots of cool Yorkie Raymond signs, Raymond and stuff !


My sweet little brother Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse


Me little Yorkie Teddy think that I´m a Supermodel now !


Raymond 12 - Meet my lil brother and my little Apprentice little Yorkie Teddy at the age of 5-9 weeks !

Little Yorkie Teddy 9 weeks old, More little Yorkie Teddy being 9 weeks old, Even more little Yorkie Teddy 9 weeks old, The last pics of little Yorkie Teddy at 9 weeks of age.



Wanna see our little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse grow up, week by week friends !?!


Raymond 16 - Little Yorkie Teddy being 8-16 weeks old, Teddy 8 weeks,

Teddy 9 weeks, Teddy 10 weeks, Teddy 11 weeks, Teddy 12 weeks,

Teddy 13 weeks, Teddy 14 weeks, Teddy 15 weeks, Teddy 16 weeks.

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Teddy 44 weeks, Teddy 45 weeks, Teddy 46 weeks, Teddy 47 weeks,Teddy 48 weeks,Teddy 49 weeks,

Teddy 50 weeks,Teddy 51 weeks and FINALLY Teddy 52 weeks old ! Me Teddy became 1 year old, on the 22nd of August !




Raymond 20- Teddy & Raymonds Fun & Cool Stuff !


My cute little Apprentice Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse´s most recent pics !


This is Teddy´s new PARTY outfit ! The glamrock style !


Little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse in pose again !


Little Yorkie Teddy LOVES his Winnie The Pooh !


Raymond 13- Little Yorkie Teddy 9 weeks old,

Little Yorkie Teddy taking his very first bath at 9 weeks of age,

More little Yorkie Teddy 10 weeks old pics, More little Yorkie Teddy Stuff,

Even more little Yorkie Teddy Pics & Stuff, The last little Yorkie Teddy pics on this tour.


Raymond 14 - Little Yorkie Raymonds & little Yorkie Teddys Brand New Internet Pals & Pictures Side 1,

Raymond & Teddy 2, Little Yorkie Teddy is "Striking the pose" &

 Teddy "Goes Doggone" Fashion Side 3, Raymond & Teddy 4, Raymond & Teddy 5.


Raymond 15- Little Yorkie Teddy 1, Little Yorkie Teddy 2, Little Yorkie Teddy 3, Little Yorkie Teddy 4, Little Yorkie Teddy 5.


Do you think that me little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse, is CUTE friends !?!


Little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse all wrapped up, in his very first blankie !!!


I´m a very cute little sleepy head !!!

Do you want to find some very pretty Bows ???

Then visit Debbies Bows ! Debbie R. is also "the brain" behind some of the neat graphics, on our website ! Thank you SO much sweet Debbie R. !!!


Little Yorkie Teddy & Freddy love to dress themselves up, just like me little Yorkie Raymond used to do ! Most of the time we are completely "nekked" & natural.....of course !!! But for special occations, in nasty weather, or for photo-shoots it is really neat to have some stylish outfits to put on ! Yorkies do love the attention, that comes with it and we only wear comfy doggie-clothing of course !



Training for The Olympics !

The Disney-gang at our house ! Little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse is "the leader of the pack" & he´s also the cutest one....OF COURSE !!!


I am one VERY cool dude indeed !


Me little Yorkie Teddy RULES !!!

Miss Ulrica´s NEW Website - Cool links, music and some doggie-stuff also.


I´ve got a pretty BIG pool, huh ???


Trying to look cute !


Oh yeah.....this feels REALLY good !


Yorkie Raymons & Teddy, Freddy, Viggo & Milou´s Guestbook- Please take a moment and sign ! Yes-yes !!!

 We just LOVE messages !!! So feel free to write MORE than once, if you want to of course !


Hey there you sweet thing !


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Me little Raymond on a very TOP SECRET mission, in the woods nearby !


Little Yorkie Teddy is being VERY obstinate here !!!


I do LOVE both my little red bow & my neat red Mickey Mouse outfit !




Me little Teddy is being VERY manly here, at the age of 7 months !

This outfit is so very pretty & so very stylish ! It is so soft & comfy also...mmm...I LIKE..me little Teddy says !


YOU can use this BANNER on your WEBSITE, if YOU want to ! YES-YES !!!


I am taking my Supermodel job, VERY seriouse indeed !


Wet-look & a nekked Raymond !

Little Yorkie Raymond´s & Little Yorkie Teddy, Freddy, Viggo & Milou´s Website, was made just for fun & for pleasure only. We don´t sell ANYTHING here !!!

Welcome to Yorkie Air !!! Me little Teddy is your personal little Yorkie steward on this tour ! Please sit down to the right missy & I will bring you, your fresh coffee & some other chilled beverages & tasty snacks, in a "New York minute" !

 Our only purpose with this website was to:

Hopefully......bring a smile to your face,to brighten your day a little,to share a little from our part of the world with you,to remind you of a current dog,to remind you of a beloved lost dog/pet,to make you be able to escape reality and troubles for a while,or just to make you be able to share your thoughts and interests with another "dogfreak" in this world...........so we really hope that you will enjoy your stay and our work here at little Yorkie Raymond´s & Teddy, Freddy, Viggo & Milou´s Website !!!

We live by the ocean.........neat huh ???


Grass is good...mmm....!

Yorkie Raymond´s Awards- I´m SO proud that I´ve recived 66 Awards so far......Awards given to me, or begged for.....hehee ! LOL

 Apply for a unique Yorkie Raymond Award ! Me little Yorkie Raymond has got SIX very own AWARDS to give away.

  How can I apply for one !?! Click above for my Award side and you will find the directions.........!


NO comments AT ALL !!!


I´m SO innocent....YES I AM !!!

Snack time for me little Yorkie Teddy !

Me little Yorkie Teddy loves my very own little car-box !

Are you ready to "rumble in Bronx"..hehee..!?!


This is what I do at dad´s work.....sleeeep !!!


Drop us an e-mail....paweeease !




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Me Raymond & my "gorilla of a dad"...hehehee !


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The outdoors are SO cool !


This is me little Yorkie Raymond hiding out here, under the couch. I had been "a bit noughty" and I tried to hide away from mommy....hmmm...HELP !?!

Me little Raymond & Ludvig are looking cute together !



Me driving my Mercedez-Benz A-class !


Good morning dear !


I´m SO very sleepy right now...zzz...!


 Yorkie Raymond´s Family-tree link ! Stamtavla !

  Soon...Yorkie Teddy´s Family-tree link ! Stamtavla !

Soon...Yorkie Freddy´s Family-tree link ! Stamtavla !


Me little Yorkie Raymond in the early days !


Little Yorkie Teddy is looking cute !

I look like a little Yorkie PIMP here..hehehee..woof, woof !


Well hello there.....it is ME....little Yorkie Teddy here !

Should I attack you, or not....THAT is the question !?!

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Little Yorkie Teddy in Da House...yeah, yeah...YEAH !!!

Hmmm.....me little "Kato" need to think about HOW to attack mommy, in the very best way here !?!

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Me little Teddy feel SO stylish, in this very cool sweater with a hood !


Me little Raymond is taking a little SWIM, in my cool life-vest !


I´m one FOXY dude...yes-yes !

Yummi-yummi....I hope that nobody, catch me "on the act" here !


Did YOU notice MY latest SCEAM friends !?!

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