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Raymond 12 - Meet my lil brother and my little Apprentice little Yorkie Teddy at the age of 5-9 weeks !

Little Yorkie Teddy 9 weeks old, More little Yorkie Teddy being 9 weeks old, Even more little Yorkie Teddy 9 weeks old, The last pics of little Yorkie Teddy at 9 weeks of age.


Raymond 13-  Little Yorkie Teddy 9 weeks old,

Little Yorkie Teddy taking his very first bath at 9 weeks of age,

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Teddy 44 weeks, Teddy 45 weeks,Teddy 46 weeks, Teddy 47 weeks,Teddy 48 weeks, Teddy 49 weeks, Teddy 50 weeks,Teddy 51 weeks & FINALLY........... Teddy 52 weeks old !!!!  

Little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse....1 year old, on the 22nd of August ! Whoo..hoo..hoo !!!


Raymond 20- Teddy & Raymonds Fun & Cool Stuff !

The little Yorkie Teddy & Freddy- Goes Doggone Fashion Side 2 !



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